Can my child carpool with a neighbor or friend?

Carpool request can be made for practices on the registration form.  A carpool link means that children practice at the same time.  This does not mean that children will be placed on the same team.  Carpool links work best for children that are the same age and gender.  Carpool request are not guaranteed.  A carpool request does not mean that their games will be at the same time.


Can I request a certain coach?

Coach request can be made.  Coach request are limited.  Coaches are limited to 2 requests each.  Their children get priority.   Coach requests are not guaranteed. 


Can I coach my child?

Yes!  We welcome parents to our coaching staff.  We ask for a willingness to learn and a love of children.  Soccer knowledge is not required.


Who can coach?

Members of KBC, parents, grandparents, and other family members are invited to coach.  Junior high and high school students are invited to assist.

What is expected of an Upward coach?

Soccer knowledge is not a requirement for Upward Soccer.  We are looking for older teens and adults with a willingness to be a dynamic coach.  A dynamic Upward Coach is one who combines a great ministry experience and a great sporting experience for every player.  An Upward Coach will be expected to maintain the integrity of the Upward program and KBC by following Upward guidelines consistently.  A Coach must also be a KBC member or have a solid Upward experience and church background. You will coach with a partner who will help in carrying out required tasks.  Training is provided.


What are evaluations?

Evaluations are the final step in the registration process.  Players’ skill level is evaluated.  Skill level determines what team a player is on, but no player will be turned away.  Evaluations are not try-outs.  They are used to create even ability teams.  All Children Grades 1-6 must complete evaluation drills.  Drills are optional for Pre-K & K. 


What types of devotions happen during the games?

Spectators will hear personal testimonies or receive written testimonies during half time at each game.  Half-time devotions are for the spectators to hear.  Content is designed for adult listeners.  Players are to use this time to catch their breath and regroup as a team. 


What time are the games?

Games are played from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  Game schedules are posted on the team website. 


What age children can play?

Players must be four years old by the evaluation date thru 6th grade.


My child is in seventh grade, can they participate?

Seventh graders and older are invited to join our coaching staff.


My child plays really well.  Is there an advanced team?

No. Player ability is determined at evaluations.  Children are then placed on teams so that the talent is equally distributed across all teams.


My child plays really well.  But is under 4 years old, can he/she play?

No.  For the safety of all children, players must be at least 4 years old to play.


What time are the practices?

Players practice one time per week for one hour.  Practice times are Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday at 5:30 PM or 6:30 PM.


What happens at practice?

Practices usually consist of 20 – 25 minutes of skills and drills; 5-10 minutes of devotion & water break; 20 – 25 minutes of scrimmaging.  Total practice time is 60 minutes.


Registration opens early January.  All registration is online. 

Visit the church website to register.


How much is the uniform?

The registration fee of includes a reversible unisex jersey and socks.  See picture below. 


Are cleats and shin guards required?

Yes, for player safety each player must have shin guards and soccer cleats.  Soccer cleats are different from baseball/softball cleats.  These items are inexpensive and can be purchased at several local stores.  There is an exchange of used shin guards and cleats at Evaluations.  Parents can check then for used items or bring in their used ones.


Parents can sign up to be team parents, coaches, assistant coaches, or referees. 

We welcome church and non-church members to volunteer (ages 7th grade and up).  Applications can be found on the church website.


Where are the soccer fields?

The soccer fields are located behind the church parking lots.